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The HawkEye Ocean Color Sensor

The mechanical design concept for the HawkEye Ocean Color Sensor.
Credit: NASA GSFC. Download this image (JPG, 308 KB).
[06-Nov-18] The HawkEye Coastal Ocean Color Sensor is designed to capture an image of the ocean and land surfaces with 120-meter per pixel resolution from a 540 km nominal orbit. Each image will have dimensions of 1800x 6000 pixels, 8 bands deep. The bands are similar to those used by the SeaWiFS instrument. The instrument is of push-broom design, with 4 linear array CCDs, each containing 3 rows of detectors, sweeping the field of view as the satellite passes overhead. The instrument is designed to not saturate on either the land or clouds using a technique called bi-linear gain. The ground swath imaged will be 230 x 720 km in extent.