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PACE: Persistence and Perseverance Despite Pandemic

Click image to view movie. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
[17-July-20] In the Spring of 2020, the physical construction of the PACE spacecraft moved into high gear, with engineers working hard to build, assemble, and test the actual machine. When the global COVID-19 pandemic forced social distancing among the development teams, the challenge was how to keep making progress on this extremely important research initiative, even though most engineers and others involved with the mission's development could not actually work together in fabrication areas. It turns out that the extraordinary team bringing PACE to life was not about to give up its goals, and in this video we hear from a range of NASA pros about how to keep going, keep standards high, and see their plans through even the most challenging of circumstances.

PACE is a world class climate observatory. With a collection of advanced sensors, PACE will study ocean color, aerosols, clouds, climate change, and other aspects of Earth's overall health. The backbone of the mission is the satellite itself, providing data to a robust network of scientists in a wide range of disciplines. Download this movie at NASA Goddard Media Studios.