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Actually It’s Phytoplankton!

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Source: Go2Qurious Podcast
[18-Sep-2020] Join host Jamie Coull, and oceanographer co-hosts Lachlan McKinna and Ivona Cetiniĉ, to explore ocean ecology and NASA's PACE Mission. In each episode, scientists and engineers from the NASA PACE mission are interviewed and each episode is packed with science activities and resources. This science and oceanography podcast was specially designed for middle-schoolers.
Download the resource packs:
Episode 1: Whale Poop? Oil Slick? Actually, it's Phytoplankton! (PDF, 15.9 MB)
Episode 2: Straight to the Top! NASA Earth Science & The PACE Mission! (PDF, 17.8 MB)
Episode 3: Beep Bop Boop! Spacecraft & Mission Operations (PDF, 7.4 MB)
Episode 4: Captain Planet! Oceanic & Atmospheric Science (PDF, 7.9 MB)
Episode 5: The Dream Team! Field Work and Culturing Phytoplankton in the Lab! (PDF, 3.8 MB)
Episode 6: The Real World! PACE Applications (PDF, 2.4 MB)
Jamie, Lachlan and Ivona interview 11 scientists and engineers who work on NASA's most advanced ocean-color and aerosol satellite mission to date: PACE (Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud and ocean Ecosystem). Each episode is packed with science activities and resources. There are fantastic science prizes to be won, and the podcast can be enjoyed by students, teachers and families alike.

Actually It's Phytoplankton!
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