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Bryan Franz
Bryan Franz
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Ocean Ecology Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Title: Science Data Segment Manager

Science Meeting Presentations (6)

PACE Atmospheric Correction Focusing on Adaptation of NASA’s Heritage Algorithm
Franz, B., Ibrahim, A., Ahmad, Z., Gao, B-C., and Zhai, P. (16-Jan-18)
PACE Atmospheric Correction Focusing on Adaptation of NASA’s Heritage Algorithm
Franz, B., Ibrahim, A., Ahmad, Z., Healy, R., and Gao, B-C. (17-Jan-17)
Subgroup Report: Proxy Datasets
Knobelspiesse, K., Franz, B., and Ibrahim, A. (17-Jan-17)
Available Datasets with Polarimeter Data
Chowdhary, J., Franz, B., Guild, L., Knobelspiesse, K., and Palacios, S. (21-Jan-16)
Implementing Heritage AC Algorighm for Hyperspectral Rrs Retrieval
Ibraham, A., Franz, B., Ahmad, Z., Healy, R., and Gao, B-C. (21-Jan-16)
Atmospheric Correction Discussion : Where We are Today, and Where We Might be in 2.5 Years
Franz, B. (15-Jan-15)

Publications (42)

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*Funded by PACE