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Phytoplankton Exploration

Phytoplankton are tiny plants and algae that live in the upper sunlit layer of almost all water bodies on Earth. Powered by the sun's energy, they come in many shapes and sizes. They serve as the base of the marine food web, and produce oxygen vital to life. Studying this incredibly diverse group is key to understanding the health - and future - of our ocean and life on earth. PACE's advanced ocean color technology is designed to help to distinguish "who's who" in terms of phytoplankton communities.


Phytopia lets you explore the fascinating world of phytoplankton. The tool uses concept maps — which highlight connections — to display complex information. Use Phytopia to learn about the roles these plankton play in the ecosystem, whether they are harmful or not... or just explore the beauty of these tiny titans.

Phytoplankton Exploration

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Phytopia provides definitions and explanations. Its endless connections allow you to explore the depth and breadth of the phytoplankton ecosystem.
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Overview of the tiny, yet vitally important plants and algae that live in the ocean.