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NASA/IOCCG Aquatic Primary Productivity Workshop

December 05-07, 2018
Columbia, Maryland USA

The NASA PACE project, in collaboration with the International Ocean-Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG), have initiated a new working group to establish standard, community-consensus field protocols for measuring aquatic primary productivity in coastal and ocean waters across diverse methodologies. Approximately two dozen active investigators with experience in conducting field, laboratory, and remote sensing measurements of aquatic primary productivity will work jointly in the development of a set of community consensus protocols for carrying out in situ measurements of primary productivity and related parameters. The objective is to generate recommendations for best practices to homogenize methodologies, and to account for known artifacts and sources of error across the various measurement approaches.

Documents (12)
Presentation cover
Aquatic Primary Productivity Workshop Introduction
Vandermeulen, R. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
NASA PACE Mission and Protocol Activities
Mannino, A. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
Historical Perspective: Ocean Productivity in the 20th Century
Marra, J. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
14C Uptake: What Have We Learned? Where Can We Go From Here?
Halsey, K. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
Stable Isotopes (13C/18O) Incubations and Methodology
Letelier, R.M. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
Dissolved Oxygen Incubation: Terms, Methods, Newer Technologies
Salisbury, J. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
O2/Ar-Based Net Community Production Estimates
Juranek, L. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
Triple Oxygen Isotopes for Quantifying Gross Primary Production (GPP)
Stanley, R.H.R. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
Photophysiology, FRR/FIRe Fluorometry: How it Works and How We Can Do Better
Gorbunov, M., Falkowski, P., Kuzminov, F., Lin, H., Park, J., Lee, S., et al. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
Scaling Up: Productivity Estimates Using Autonomous Platforms
Nicholson, D. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
Scaling Up: Satellite-Based Budgets of Productivity
Balch, W. (05-Dec-18)
Presentation cover
Scaling Up: Modeling Efforts for Primary Production
Silsbe, G. (05-Dec-18)