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2016 NASA Ocean Color Research Team Meeting

May 2-4, 2016
Silver Spring, Maryland USA

The Ocean Color Research Team (OCRT) meeting was held on May 2-4 in Silver Spring, MD. The meeting featured both oral presentations and posters, which included content on currently-operating missions, upcoming solicitations, the PACE mission, and the upcoming Decadal Survey.

Documents (3)
Presentation cover
Ocean Colour Signal of Climate Change
Dutkiewicz, S., Hickman, A., Jahn, O., Mouw, C., Henson, S., and Beaulieu, C. (04-May-16)
Presentation cover
Remote Sensing of Atmosphere-Ocean Systems in the UV: How Can Polarimetry Help Distinguish Reflectance Variations Caused by Absorbing Aerosols from Variations Caused by CDOM?
Chowdhary, J. and Cairns, B. (04-May-16)
Presentation cover
OCRT update on the Pre-Aerosols, Clouds and ocean Ecosystems Mission
Werdell, J. (04-May-16)