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NAAMES Field Campaign

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NAAMES is a five-year investigation to resolve key processes controlling ocean system function, their influences on atmospheric aerosols and clouds and their implications for climate. Information obtained during four targeted ship and aircraft field campaigns, combined with continuous satellite and in situ ocean sensor measurements, will enable improved predictive capabilities of Earth system processes for management and assessment of ecosystem change. The field campaign took place between November 2015 and April 2018.
The R/V Atlantis in port
The R/V Atlantis in Port
Fran├žoise Morison (URI) and Caitlin Russell secure incubators used to measure phytoplankton growth rates
Plankton Incubators
Logan Johnsen studies the weather
Weathering the Weather
The main lab about R/V Atlantis, created out of cargo containers
Main Lab Aboard the R/V Atlantis
The R/V Atlantis during off-load of the submersible Alvin
Offloading Alvin
Oceanographer Peter Gaube describes the CTD instrument
CTD Instrument
Bloggers from around the country listen to a presentation by Dr. Mike Behrenfeld (OSU)
NAAMES on Social Media
NAAMES Chief Scientist Mike Behrenfeld explains the importance of plankton
The Importance of Plankton
Social media users blog about the NAAMES field campaign
Sharing the Message
Jason Graff (OSU) measures the carbon in phytoplankton and sorts species with a laser-based instrument
Plankton Optical Responses
Cleo Davie-Martin (OSU) measures volatile organic compounds emitted by phytoplankton
Measuring VOCs
Green seas in this satellite image show that phytoplankton are starting to bloom in the North Atlantic
R/V Atlantis Cruise Track
Image of a North Atlantic spring phytoplankton bloom
Blooming Phytoplankton
R/V <em>Atlantis</em> steams away from Woods Hole for the North Atlantic
R/V Atlantis Departs Woods Hole for the North Atlantic
The C-130, carrying airborne instrumentation, approaches Sable Island
C-130 from Sable Island
Preparing the C-130 to rendezvous with R/V Atlantis during the NAAMES field campaign
NAAMES Team Prepares for Flight
Dendogram illustrating the parameters that will be studied during the NAAMES field campaign
NAAMES Dendogram
NAAMES banner depicting sensors used to resolve key processes
Logo for the North Atlantic Aerosols and Marine Ecosystems Study (NAAMES) field campaign