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The Sustained Ocean Color Observations using Nanosatellites (SOCON) project is a partnership for development and proof-of-concept for a low-cost, miniaturized, multispectral ocean color imager capable of flight on an autonomous nanosatellite (CubeSat).
Ocean color sensing - then and now
Ocean Color - Then and Now
Ocean color images
HawkEye Chlorophyll-a
The first SeaHawk image, captured by the HawkEye sensor on March 21, 2019
First Image
Scientists and engineers celebrate after the launch of SeaHawk on December 3, 2018
Global Thumbs Up!
The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying SeaHawk lifts off
SSO-A Lift Off
The mission patch for the SSO-A Smallsat Express
SSO-A Smallsat Express
GSFC researchers and engineers await the SSO-A SmallSat Express launch
Awaiting Launch
A SpaceX Falcon 9 First Stage booster successfully completes a static test fire
SpaceX Falcon 9 Test
The mechanical design concept for the HawkEye Ocean Color Sensor
The HawkEye Ocean Color Sensor
Scientists and engineers from Goddard Space Flight Center watch the launch of SeaWiFs
Remembering the SeaWiFs Launch
SeaHawk mechanical components assembled for fit check testing
SeaHawk Components
Overview of the SeaHawk CubeSat satellite bus
SeaHawk CubeSats
An illustration of SeaHawk in orbit
The SOCON Project