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SRON Clean Room

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SPEXone on the vibration table in Toulouse, France following vibration testing
Completion of Vibration Testing
Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) testing of SPEXone.
Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) Testing
SPEXone in the thermal vacuum chamber (Leiden, Holland) following thermal vacuum testing
SPEXone in the Thermal Vacuum Chamber
A technician prepares the SPEXone flight instrument for vibration testing.
Vibration Testing Preparation
The SPEXone thermal vacuum test facility in the Netherlands
Thermal Vacuum Test Facility
SPEXone unpacked at SRON.
Unpacking SPEXone
SPEXone arriving at SRON in its shipping container, post environmental testing
Arriving at SRON
SPEXone in its container as it arrives for transport to the SRON Clean Room
Transport to SRON