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[Oct-2022] SPEXone in thermal vacuum chamber (Leiden, Holland) - thermal vacuum test complete.
[Jun-2022] Installation of Existing SPEXOne MLI Blankets and Build and Install SPEX Bottom Blanket; SPEXone after ML ... MORE »
[Jun-2022] SPEXone team photos and PACE Control room.
[Jan-2022] SPEXone instrument mid-point testing; SPEXone is a compact, optical satellite instrument that will charac ... MORE »
[Oct-2020] SPEXone on the vibration table in Toulouse, France following vibration testing.
[Aug-2020] Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) testing of SPEXone.
[Oct-2020] SPEXone in the thermal vacuum chamber (Leiden, Holland) following thermal vacuum testing.
[Oct-2020] A technician prepares the SPEXone flight instrument for vibration testing.
[Aug-2020] The SPEXone thermal vacuum test facility in the Netherlands.
[Oct-2020] SPEXone unpacked at SRON.
[Oct-2020] SPEXone arriving at SRON in its shipping container, post environmental testing.
[Oct-2020] SPEXone in its container as it arrives for transport to the SRON Clean Room.