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CORAL Field Campaign

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The three-year COral Reef Airborne Laboratory (CORAL) mission will survey a portion of the world's coral reefs to assess the condition of these threatened ecosystems. With this new understanding of reef condition, researchers can better predict the future and impacts of this global ecosystem. The field campaign took place in 2016 and 2017.
Part of Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef
The airborne PRISM instrument records light spectra reflected upward from the ocean
Campaign Approach
John Jelsema discusses an upcoming weather forecast with Michelle Gierach
Watching the Weather
CORAL team members examine PRISM, an airborne instrument that measures the spectra of light
Measuring the Spectra of Light
Lab testing of the Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer (PRISM)
One of the Kaneohe Bay reefs studied by CORAL
Coral Reef in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii
A package of instruments is deployed during the CORAL field campaign
A Package of Instruments
Principal Investigator Eric Hochberg directs sampling efforts
Scouting Sampling Sites in Hawaii
CORAL scientists identify reefs in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HI
Reef Identification
CORAL Project Scientist Michelle Gierach at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology on Oahu
CORAL Project Scientist Michelle Gierach
Coconut Island
Coconut Island
Coral Reef in the Mariana Islands
Study Area
Pristine coral reef in American Samoa
COral Reef Airborne Laboratory (CORAL)