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Get Ready to Work with PACE Data

Understanding Data | Accessing Data | Analyzing Data

PACE's cutting-edge technology will reveal new insights into our ocean, atmosphere and climate. To help you engage with PACE data, we have created a list of key resources. Icons indicate the resource type and time commitment to fully engage with that resource.




Paper Report


Data Products

Previous Satellite

Computer Code

Quick (few minutes)

Moderate (minutes to hours)

Intensive (hours to days)

Remote Sensing (e.g., Ocean Optics)

Introduction to PACE

PACE Instruments

PACE Data Products

PACE Data Limitations and Uncertainties

PACE Calibration and Validation

Other Resources

Downloading or Visualizing Data from OB.DAAC

Other Platforms to Download or Visualize Data

Introduction to NetCDFs


Stay tuned for more code to come!

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