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NOMAD v3.0: Supporting PACE Mission for Validation and Algorithm Development

PACE, Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem is a new NASA ocean color mission which aims to extend ocean color, aerosol, and cloud data records with advanced instrumentation surpassing previous and current missions. The Ocean Color Instrument is the primary sensor onboard PACE. OCI is a hyperspectral imaging radiometer with continuous coverage from 340-890 nm at 5 nm resolution. A new stream of science data requirements is being developed in support of PACE mission following its technical definition. The NASA bio-Optical Marine Algorithm Dataset, NOMAD, is a global, high quality in situ bio-optical dataset for use in ocean color algorithm development and satellite data product validation activities. Data products include coincident observations of water-leaving radiances and chlorophyll a concentrations, along with relevant metadata. Other products include Inherent optical properties. A binary flagging system describes database characteristics on available data, instrument description and data processing. NOMAD v3.0 will provide the required science data support for PACE technical definition. NOMAD v3.0 aims to expand its wavelength coverage at the defined wavelengths of the OCI instrument for water leaving reflectances and other ocean color products derived from water-leaving reflectances. When available, such products report uncertainties associated with the data products. The database structure is modified accordingly to accommodate the expanded information included on the new release. The binary flagging system is expanded to include stations covering a variety of optical conditions for algorithm development. Supporting data processing streams and processing software is also developed for the generation of NOMAD stations. Radiometric processing is redesigned following community updates on acquisition and processing methodologies for water leaving radiances.

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  • 01-Mar-2022 | 10:00 AM
Author(s): Sanjuan Calzado, V.