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Loading the R/V Atlantis with Plankton Incubators

Françoise Morison (URI) and Caitlin Russell secure incubators used to measure phytoplankton growth rates.
Credit: Stephanie Schollaert Uz/NASA. Download this image (JPG, 231 KB).
[10-May-16] The North Atlantic Aerosol and Marine Ecosystems Study (NAAMES) field campaign relied on a suite of sophisticated equipment to investigate the roles of phytoplankton in the ocean. Understanding the factors affecting phytoplankton growth can be key to assessing their ecological impacts. Françoise Morison (left) of the University of Rhode Island and Caitlin Russell (right), a former intern at the University of Rhode Island, secured incubators to be used for measuring phytoplankton growth rate under various light levels and their consumption by single-celled organisms and viruses.