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PACE Applications Coordinator

(23-July-19) Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) has an opening for an Applications Coordinator to lead the NASA PACE Applications Program, and interface with the Science and Applications team to integrate and forge the links of the PACE mission's science to Earth Science applications and the overall societal benefits. PACE is NASA's Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem mission. [Learn more]

PACE's primary instrument (the Ocean Color Instrument - OCI) consists of two spectrometers that continuously span the ultraviolet to orange and orange to near-infrared spectral regions, with an additional seven discrete shortwave infrared bands. This instrument will be complimented by two small, multi-angle polarimeters with spectral ranges that span the visible to near-infrared region. Thus, the mission will be capable of performing radiometric and polarimetric ocean and atmosphere surveys, returning a range of biogeophysical data from which properties of the ocean and atmosphere can be produced to add to other critical climate and Earth system variables. With advanced global remote sensing capabilities, PACE will provide high quality observations that contribute to an extended time series of satellite data records on ocean ecosystems, including coastal and inland waters, and atmospheric properties of aerosols and clouds - all of which have substantial value beyond basic science and research. Global measurements from PACE will be essential for understanding ocean biology, biogeochemistry and ecology, cloud and aerosol dynamics, and can potentially support terrestrial biogeochemistry and ecology. These measurements will enable advanced understanding of delicate ocean ecosystems, understanding of vulnerable coastal regions, quantification of the atmosphere-ocean carbon cycling, unparalleled characterization of ecosystem change and function, improved characterization of clouds, aerosol properties, air and water quality, and cross-disciplinary studies of atmospheric, terrestrial, and aquatic processes and interactions.

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