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Jeremy Werdell
Jeremy Werdell
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Ocean Biology Processing Group, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Title: Project Scientist

Science Meeting Presentations (6)

Science Team Update on the PACE Mission
Werdell, J. (16-Jan-18)
Science Team Update on the PACE Mission
Werdell, J. (17-Jan-17)
OCRT update on the Pre-Aerosols, Clouds and ocean Ecosystems Mission
Werdell, J. (04-May-16)
Inversions for Rrs to IOP: State-of-the-Art
McKinna, L. and Werdell, J. (21-Jan-16)
PACE Project Update
Werdell, J. (20-Jan-16)
Inversion of Rrs to IOPs: Where We are & Where We (Might) Want to Go
Werdell, J. (15-Jan-15)

Publications (45)

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*Funded by PACE