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Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell
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Photobiology Group, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

ROSES Proposal

Improved Satellite Ocean Color Retrievals of Ocean Inherent Optical Properties and Biogeochemical Properties Utilizing the Capabilities of PACE (2013)

Science Meeting Presentations (4)

Improved Satellite Ocean Color Retrievals of Ocean Inherent Optical Properties and Biogeochemical Properties Utilizing the Capabilities of PACE
Mitchell, B.G., Kahru, M., and Vasilkov, A. (16-Jan-18). Click here to view this presentation with audio.
Improved Satellite Ocean Color Retrievals of Ocean Inherent Optical Properties and Biogeochemical Properties Utilizing the Capabilities of PACE
Mitchell, B.G., Kahru, M., and Vasilkov, A. (17-Jan-17)
Improved Satellite Ocean Color Retrievals of Ocean Inherent Optical Properties and Biogeochemical Properties Utilizing the Capabilities of PACE
Mitchell, G. and Kahru, M. (21-Jan-16)
Improved Satellite Ocean Color Retrievals of Ocean Inherent Optical Properties and Biogeochemical Properties Utilizing the Capabilities of PACE
Mitchell, G. and Kahru, M. (14-Jan-15)

Publications (59)

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