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Maria Tzortziou
Maria Tzortziou
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City University of New York Goddard Space Flight Center
Title: Deputy Program Applications Lead

Science Meeting Presentations (7)

PACE: How Can We Do Our Science in a Way That Will Maximize its Utility
Tzortziou, M., Omar, A., and Turner, W. (16-Jan-18). Click here to view this presentation with audio.
PACE: How Can We Do Our Science in a Way that Will Maximize its Utility
Tzortziou, M., Omar, A., and Turner, W. (17-Jan-17). Click here to view this presentation with audio.
PACE for the Human Race : Ideas for White Papers
Tzortziou, M. (17-Jan-17)
Maximizing the Societal Benefits of PACE IOP Data by Actively Linking the Mission to its Applications
Tzortziou, M., Omar, A., and Turner, W. (20-Jan-16)
How Can We Do Our Science in a Way that Will Maximize its Utility?
Tzortziou, M. (16-Jan-15)
Maximizing the Societal Benefits of PACE Atmospheric Data by Actively Linking the Mission to its Applications
Omar, A. and Tzortziou, M. (14-Jan-15)
Maximizing the Societal Benefits of PACE IOP Data by Actively Linking the Mission to its Applications
Tzortziou, M. and Omar, A. (14-Jan-15)

Publications (31)

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