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Cecile Rousseaux
Cecile Rousseaux
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Global Modelling and Assimilation Office, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

ROSES Proposals

Phytoplankton Algorithms and Data Assimilation: Preparing a Pre-launch Path to Exploit PACE Spectral Data (2020)
Phytoplankton Composition Algorithms for PACE (2013)

Science Meeting Presentations (5)

Phytoplankton Composition Algorithms for PACE
Rousseaux, C. and Gregg, W. (16-Jan-18). Click here to view this presentation with audio.
Phytoplankton Composition Algorithms for PACE
Rousseaux, C. and Gregg, W. (17-Jan-17). Click here to view this presentation with audio.
Subgroup Report: Database Status
Rousseaux, C. and Casey, K. (17-Jan-17)
Phytoplankton Composition Algorithms for PACE
Rousseaux, C. and Gregg, W. (20-Jan-16)
Phytoplankton Composition Algorithms for PACE
Rousseaux, C. and Gregg, W. (14-Jan-15)

Publications (21)

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*Funded by PACE